Precious Moments…

   It was a hot and muggy Saturday today. My husband and I have been taking the kids for walks around the neighbourhood and ending the day with an hour in the park. It’s summer vacation now, so I’ve been hearing a lot of ” Mom, it’s boring!!!”. I wanted a change of scenery today, so we decided to take the kids by the lake


   Filled with walking trails and a long broad walk that extends right out to the lake, it was definitely a change of scenery for us. The kids were excited. My husband and I have always been terrified to take our kids close to water. He clenched their hands tightly and didn’t let go, as I pushed my little one in the stroller.


   There were lots of dog walkers and people just enjoying the sun. With my husbands hectic schedule, it’s sometimes a challenge to have some family time. But when we get the opportunity to do so, it’s just a wonderful feeling. My little one enjoyed watching the different dogs that went by us, and for my two oldest it was just a thrill for them to be on that board walk surrounded by water.


I used to think that we had to spend a fortune to take the kids out. But sometimes it can just be something as simple as this. We ended the day off with ice cream and a couple more minutes at our local park. I just love days like these.

  Being a stay at home mom of three, it’s so essential for our our family to live on a budget. No matter what your situation is, there are always great ways for families to enjoy the summer without hurting the wallet. The park always does it for me, no matter how many times the kids slide down the same slide over and over again, or no matter how many times they love being pushed on the same swing, It’s just plain fun for them to run around and be free instead of being cooped up in the house.

It was such a nice Saturday, spending time with my husband and kids. I’m truly thankful for days like this. Cherish the time that you have with your children, moms and dads, it’s precious 🙂


Our Bedtime Routine …


   starry-night-1443822-mIt’s the time of the day my kids and I dread. Bedtime! For them it’s being confined in a room and not be able to do what they want. For me it’s the screams and cries and constant bangs at the door. My workout literally begins at bedtime, as I’m constantly running up and down the stairs trying to negotiate with a toddler.

   After reading several advice columns by moms who are in the same boat as me, I tweaked a routine that works well with my kids. So here it goes…

Burn that Energy…

   I’ve noticed days when the kids just sit around with no physical activity; they tend to use that energy to resist bedtime. Right about now, my oldest is on school vacation for two months. This means I have all three kids at home, together in one house, from morning till night. And trust me when I say “It gets Crazy”!!!

   When I had my first born, I was one of those “up tight, germ phobic” moms. I was scared to let my daughter roam around outside in the grass and dirt. I freaked out when she played with sand in the park and for those reasons and more, I never really went outdoors. After having three kids, my perspective of the outdoors has changed. I get excited when I see the kids run around in the backyard. Trips to park are actually enjoyable now that I know how tired they’ll get for bed. It’s also great for us parents to just STOP! And get out for some fresh air. Yes, there are days where I’m just too tired to take that walk or the weather is not to great outside. This is when my creativity rolls in. Sometimes I just turn up the dance music and have them just dance before dinner, or run an exercise YouTube video and have them participate with me.


A Good Dinner…

   Don’t freak out moms, I don’t mean a gourmet dinner. I’m not the greatest chef, but I found when my kids had a good dinner and their bellies are full, they slept much better. I have such picky eaters in my house, so food is a challenge (which is a whole other blog topic). There’re days where we have favourites like fried rice, chicken curry or noodles and there’re days where we have hot dogs and fries or Mac and cheese. Whatever the menu,”a kid’s full belly, makes any mom happy” 🙂


A warm shower or bath…

   This is the step in my routine I believe is truly essential for bedtime. A nice warm bath to end the day works magic even for an adult. Also there are a lot of bedtime bath products on the market that are infused with ingredients that help smooth and relax kids for bedtime. Especially for babies, a nice massage while applying lotion after the bath can help stimulate blood flow and help relax.

A Good Book to End the Night…

   When my kids are tired and mellow it’s at this point I read a short book to them. I sometimes skip this step when things get to hectic but I try my hardest most nights to end off with a book. Sometimes I do let my kids watch an episode of their favourite television show before bed, but I found when their at this mellow point before bed a quick story is a great way to bond with them and it also lets them know bedtime is next.


   The thing about a routine is it should be consistent everyday, especially a bedtime routine for kids. Sometimes it is hard for me to keep up, but I try my best to stick to this routine so the kids themselves know this, this and this leads up to bedtime. And also it gives me a bit of a break when I have all three of my kids sleeping at the same time.

There are nights when one child cries and it wakes the others up, and there are nights where they sleep through the night with less hassle. Every day is different depending on the day.

I hope my tips will help you get through those bedtime hurdles. And remember every child and household is different. Take some of these tips and incorporate it with your existing routine.

I would love to hear your feedback! Do you have a bedtime routine? What is your quick tip for moms and dads to make bedtime a stress free experience?



The Day I became a Mother…

pregblg      Monday July 21, 2009 8am. A day In my life that I can vividly remember. The day that would change me as a women, the day that would change my entire life. I remember walking into the hospital with my mom and my husband. I clenched my teeth as the contractions pierced through my body.

At this point all I wanted was an epidural!!!! As soon as I got the epidural, that was it for me. I felt like I was floating on a cloud.Slowly my lower body went numb. All I can think about was episodes of the Baby Story on TLC and the mothers who insists on having a natural birth with no drugs.Personally I know I would be unable to do it, but I certainly developed a great admiration for women who took this path.

A whole afternoon went by, I can defiantly see the contractions intensifying on the graph beside me. The doctor walked in examined me and signaled the nurse. “She’s ready”

In came about five nurses running around the room frantically, preparing for our little bundle of joy. What made me more excited was seeing the excitement on my the faces of my mom and husband. Dr Arnold, my OB throughout my pregnancy walked into the room. He’s been my sense of comfort for 9 months and I was thrilled he was the one that was going to welcome my baby into this world.

Push!!! 1 2 3 4 5 was all I heard on my left side, from none other than my husband. My Rock, my everything. I remember holding his hand tightly and with every strength I had I pushed.

A faint cry was all I heard, She was here… My baby girl. The doc lifted this tiny being up to show me. I just cried, tears of happiness I couldn’t stop. He placed her in my arms and I just melted. She was perfect, she had the tiniest eyes and the softest skin. Just beautiful.

All the fears I had about being a mother went away at that moment. Just holding her gave a sense of confidence, I naturally knew how she wanted to be held and how to sooth her when she cried. I just knew… Today I became a mother…

Welcome to my Blog …

I’m a wife and mom of three kids all under the age of five. I have a girl age four and two boys, ages three and nine months. I quit my job this year to be a full time stay at home mom.

This is an exciting and scary journey for me. Each day I wake up knowing it’s going to be a different experience…

Whatever the experience is, join me as I share them with all of you. Follow me …. thechicmomblog 🙂